Day 30! 12.13.16 The Last Day!!

Photo on 11-18-16 at 12.41 PM.jpgNathan: I am so excited for tomorrow. This vegan diet has restricted me too much and I just wan’t to start eating food like cheese sticks, yogurt, and Nutella. I love eating this food and I am sick of being vegan.

The past two days I have been eating edamame for dinner. This food is great because by the morning all the weight I had gained the night before is gone. Edamame is also a really good food, I think I will continue to eat this the rest of the week.

My dad had bought a lot of vegan food. It is annoying because last week he had bought more tofurkey, and I  really don’t want to eat it. I am so sick of vegan meat and even tomorrow when I am not vegan I will have to eat more vegan food.

This vegan challenge was tough, being a vegan is extra tiring and I am tired of it. I don’t think I will ever become vegan again because it is not something I want to continue. I understand why people are vegan but I do not ever want to be vegan again.

Daniel: I am so F#!king excited for tomorrow I have become a vegan Animal that a month ago Id make fun of myself, searching aisles at the store for vegan pizza, for veggie beef. Over this past thirty days this challenge has stole a part of my soul and Im excited to obtain that part of my soul again tomorrow.

The past few days I have been not eating too much. But for dinner I had some salad that was horrible that tasted like mustard.

Tonight was the football banquet and it had a lot of different deserts and I knew I had to finish strong so I didn’t eat anything, but I did take 5 donuts and 5 Churros.

I put them right next to my bed and I waited with the smell driving me mentally crazy. Then it finally happened, the time struck 12Am and I went crazy on those dang donuts. After I finished the  donuts I ate 8 beef sticks and 5 Pack of Reeses, And for the first time in awhile I went to sleep feeling my soul fulfilled.

This vegan challenge was very rough and Im excited for it to be over!!


Day 29: 12.12.16

Photo on 11-30-16 at 1.07 PM.jpgNathan: Oh man what a day it was. I felt completely terrible after wrestling and I finally figured out why. I was looking over my weekend refuel diet and I realised how awful it was. Saturday night I only had a bag of fries, Sunday I didn’t eat any real food. I just ate stuff like fruit roll ups.

I am glad I figured out what I was doing wrong because I feel awful because I haven’t been properly nourishing my body. As my teammates grow stronger, I am growing weaker because my diet has been complete poo.

Today I followed my usual routine of peanut butter for breakfast and a PBJ for lunch with a Naked juice. For dinner I ate a whole bag of edamame, salad, cliff bar, a Naked juice, and some vegetable roles. This was a high protein dinner and my body felt great after eating dinner.

Our challenge is almost over, and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to try out being vegan. I do not think I will continue to be vegan at the end of this. I choose to become an omnivore again because I miss food such as yogurt, mac and cheese, and milk. Being a vegan can be very bland because a lot of the great flavors of the world come from animal products.

I am excited to reintroduce flavor into my life!

Daniel: Im feeling great, I have been eating good for the past few days and I wish this would have happened earlier in the challenge because in the earlier days I wasn’t eating to well!!

I am soooooo happy the challenge is almost over, im going to eat a cow on Wednesday and destroy some cheese. I have been anticipating wednesday for so long and it crazy its almost here.

Today i Didn’t have anything for breakfast. For lunch I had a Veggie burger. I didn’t have anything for dinner since Ive been eating so much.

Its near the end, its been a long ride my boi’s!!!!

The Weekend Update: 12.9.16-12.11.16

Photo on 11-21-16 at 12.19 PM.jpgNathan: This weekend was a long and hard one. Friday I was constantly bombarded with sadness. Our history class had the highest percentage on the quizzes so our teacher brought in donuts to congratulate us, I had to turn down my teacher. I felt like a jerk because my teacher spent her money on the donuts and I had to turn her down.

Saturday was a very long day. Our wrestling team had another tournament, our team took first in the tournament. I think this diet has ruined my wrestling, I have been training hard in practice but I feel tired all the same. I am excited to get back on the quality meat diet.

After our team took first in the tournament our team went out for burgers again. On the menu there was burger that claimed it was vegan I ordered it without thinking. My vegan friend then asked if it was vegan and after the worker explained it wasn’t vegan I was down. Once my order came out I gave away my burger away and ate a bunch of fries.

Sunday was just plain lame. I got up and did homework all day. I ate nothing worth talking about because I wasn’t hungry most of the time. Sunday was a lame day and I am glad it is over.


Daniel: This weekend was hard. On Friday it was my birthday and that sucked I literally did nothing but go home and eat dinner and go to sleep. On Saturday day we spent literally the whole day in the car and they decided to put the largest person in the back(me) and my knees felt like rubber bands when I finally got out.

Saturday my family decided to go out to eat in the morning for breakfast and all I could eat was french fries. For lunch my family decided to eat at Costco leaving me with the caesar salad, with chicken and cheese that I had to pick out individually, and eat green leaf for lunch.

On Sunday, I had nothing but some vegan burgers that were surprisingly super good and I wanted to eat the whole package of them. But Then my rat siblings came out of no where and started eating them, I was outraged I was about to slaughter somebody. But then I come to realize I only have three days left of the vegan challenge.

over this month I have become very protective over my food since there are only a few good vegan foods. So if you viewers ever become vegan, kill anyone and anything that gets near your food:)

Day 25 12.8.16

Photo on 12-9-16 at 1.03 PM.jpg

Nathan: Veganism is a way of life. This past 25 days have been a blessing and I am glad I took the opportunity to be a vegan.

We are five sixths of the way done and we are still strong. Today was a weird day because the school was freaking out about the possible snow storm. This snow storm was lame and it was fine.

Being vegan I don’t think I have been eating enough calories to stay warm. I am very cold and I don’t warm up easily but my mom got a space heater for my room. Now my room is constantly 80 degrees and I am more than happy.

I followed my usual routine with the peanut butter  but then for dinner I ate about 20 peanut butter crackers. They were very filling and delicious I will eat crackers everyday because they are the greatest thing I have ever eaten.


Daniel: Being vegan is very hard. But I have learned very much from this experience and will cherish for years to come, one day I will tell my brothers children my stories of the Vegan challenge.These are great memories!!

We are very close to the end, and I have mixed emotions about it.  I can’t wait till I dig my teeth into a nice sandwich, but I love being vegan I love the vegan experience.

For Breakfast I ate some fruit. For lunch I had a teriyaki Burger and some fries. For Dinner, I just had a peanut butter protein milkshake an it was delicious.

Day 24 11.7.16

Photo on 12-8-16 at 12.44 PM.jpgNathan: Today was a rough day. I want to switch up my meal plan because I am sick of eating nothing but peanut butter on toast. I am kinda sick of it. I don’t know what to change though. A lot of my options have been destroyed because of my veganism.

This challenge has turned into more of a disease rather than a challenge. It is sucking the good food out of my life and forcing me to eat nothing but healthy food. I ate all of our bananas in about two days because they are so good. They are honestly some of the only good food I can eat.

For dinner I had some vegan soup, bread, and a pack of crackers. I love crackers so much because they are light and filling. I would eat all of the ritz, but I want to save them so I can eat them over the next week.

Our challenge is almost over and my body is fed up with this challenge,

Daniel: Today was ok. I am ready for a Costco piece of pizza touching my tongue. But I will wait patiently. I have come to realize that smoothie are a good source of food intake, cause its all compact.

For breakfast I had a lot of Oatmeal and was satisfied. For lunch I had two PBJ sandwiches and water. For Dinner I had some noodle with margarine and broccoli in it and it was surprisingly delicious.

My family and I made some delicious tofu Donuts which were super goo!! I will keep trying to make good vegan food till the end!!

Day 23 12.6.16

Photo on 12-7-16 at 12.38 PM.jpgDaniel: Today was good! I woke up and was dedicated to the day. I was going to do my best in every class and work my hardest in after school workouts for Football. But at the end of the school day I was very tired from the night before staying up till 12Am. After working out for 2 hours, I was mentally prepared for the 5 mile run home. But as soon as I walk out of the doors of the school I come to realize it wouldn’t be a joy run. It was below freezing and I had a cut up muscle shirt on and the backpack I had on was already feeling heavy. But I finished the run with no feeling in my hands or feet, but I felt good knowing I’ve worked my body to failure.

For Breakfast I had a large quantity of oatmeal. For lunch I had another teriyaki veggie burger they always seem to satisfy me. After my 5 mile journey I walk in the front doors of my house grabbed 2 bananas, peanut butter and some almond milk. I put both bananas in a pitcher and the whole jar of peanut butter with some almond milk and I blended it together, and right after it was blended I chugged it in 30 seconds, leaving my grandma looking at me like I was a fierce wolf tearing apart a dead moose. After I was done chugging, I ate some oatmeal. Than I went to bed satisfied with the day.

We only have about a week left of this challenge!!

Nathan: Today was a long cold day. Walking outside I was slapped by shear cold and I wanted to just curl up in a ball and play Pokemon Moon. I had started going on runs right before I go to bed but tonight I couldn’t because my body felt like an old lamp.

This morning was a hard one because I got up ten minutes late, short shower, and my breakfast wasn’t very filling. I want to eat more food but I am trying to maintain a light weight for wrestling.

I have found a new love in this challenge, bananas. They are delicious and our family usually buys lots of them so I can eat three or four a night. I love bananas, they are so delicious.

For lunch I had a couple of fruit slices and for dinner I ate some more rice. For some reason my dad was calling it ‘dirty rice’. This triggered me because I was worried it was rice from off of the ground, but really it was a cooking phrase used to say it was rice mixed with other stuff. The rice was delicious. I also ate a salad, but salads aren’t as good without dressings such as ranch.

This challenge is coming to a close, and I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity.

Day 22 12.5.16

Photo on 12-6-16 at 12.53 PM.jpgNathan: Today was good I ate a lot of food and was warm. I followed my daily routine except I switched from crunchy peanut butter to creamy peanut butter. The change between peanut butters was a weird one. I can’t believe the taste difference between the two even though they are the exact same.

I also had a great lunch, I love PBJs. For dinner I ate the same super spicy indian food. I love the indian food it tastes so good, I would eat it everyday of my life if I could. My dad bought tofurkey sausages, I am so sad because I really dislike tofurkey and never want to repeat the thanksgiving events of the horrible tofurkey.

I think I will chop up the sausage and mix it with some potatoes, that would be a very delicious meal. I am excited to try cooking new stuff.


Daniel: Today was ok. But as soon as I walked out my front door I realized it was full on snowing outside and my little cotton sweater had no chance of surviving against the hardcore wind and slushy snow. I would have gone and grabbed a coat but I locked myself out and it was 6:30Am and I didn’t want to wake up my whole family, so I was soaked when  I reached the bus. Other than that today was Gucci Mane.

Today for breakfast I had a delicious smoothie that had 3 Bananas, a lot of chocolate soy milk, and a lot of peanut butter. For lunch I had a teriyaki veggie burger and some fries and it was surprisingly delicious. For Dinner I made vegan spaghetti and I learned from last time and this time it was very scrumptious.

This challenge has taught me a lot including cooking, I have never really been able to cook. I was very surprised when I tasted my spaghetti and it gave me a boost of confidence to finish this challenge!! I am already dreaming about my first meal not vegan, but I will stay strong till the 14 of December!!