Day Two 11.15.16

Photo on 11-16-16 at 12.31 PM.jpg

Nathan: Today was easier but not that easier. I currently am super hungry and questioning my sanity. Constantly throughout the day I was exposed to possible breaks such as granola with honey in it or chocolate cliff bars. I felt a sudden urge to eat non-vegan items, but found the courage to fight through the pain and remain a strong vegan. My mind is constantly thinking about meat and the beauty it holds, but as I sit here and type this I realize the meat is more beautiful when part of an animal. For breakfast I ate a banana, two peanut butter toasts, and orange juice. For lunch I consumed a PBJ sandwich, apples, pears, and an apple juice. Today during dinner my dad cooked some wheat noodles(vegan noodles). After cooking them and telling me that they were vegan noodles he promptly filled the whole serving dish with Parmesan cheese, whatever is left of my soul shriveled up into a ball and was tossed into the garbage. I continued by eating two cups of quinoa. I will complete this challenge.

Daniel: Today was rather rough I could say. Right now I am very hungry, and feel like going up stairs to my kitchen and grabbing the leftover steak and eating it like an untamed Liger. Today was filled with “oh that has….. that’s not vegan” and me getting quite annoyed with fact that I cant just eat anything I get my paws on. I’ve come to a conclusion that meat is just a obstacle to get to the final goal to become an ultimate veganist and to become one with nature. For breakfast I had a decent size of delicious oatmeal and two pieces of extraordinary peanut butter toast. For lunch I had two beloved PBJ sandwiches. today during dinner I had the worst spaghetti in my life, it tasted like grass in a bowl mixed with dirt and worms. From yesterday to today I have already improved my calorie and protein intake and it will continue to improve over the course of the next 30 days. I also got to say, a lot of people didn’t believe in Nathan an I. They thought we came up with a good idea an weren’t gonna go through with it. But no we are not quitters we are winners, go-getters, and last but not least vegans(for 30 days).


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