Day Three 11.16.16

Photo on 11-17-16 at 12.39 PM.jpgDaniel: Today was a rather good day considering I was never really hungry and I got the right amount of calories. But the protein is still a problem and I need to find a way to get more of it. Today has been the worst i’ve craved meat in my mouth since the challenge begun. For breakfast I was in a hurry and only had two pieces off peanut butter toast. For lunch I had the same old, same old PBJ sandwiches and some water. At last for dinner I had plain whole wheat noodles, Rice, and Broccoli. Day three has been pretty rough not to just grab a piece of meat and devour it. But vegans are tough and they are mentally stronger then most. I am happy to say im doing the 30 day challenge and I will finish strong!!


Nathan: Today I feel awful. I got home after tough day of wrestling and did my workouts. My saliva tastes like pure salt and I am sure I am missing some proper nutrients in my diet. I need to figure out what I am missing in my diet and make the change. My mouth thirsts for animal meat and I have to reject that desire and maintain focus on what matters most. For breakfast I ate two slices of peanut butter toast, a banana, and some water. For lunch I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit punch, a vegan fig bar, and some apples. For dinner I had some vegan pasta with one of my favorite things, Prego. I then ate about one cup of raw noodles because I couldn’t muster the strength to cook some more Prego. Day three has really gotten to me and my body is signaling to me that I need to nourish my body. I will survive, because it is my job.


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