Tips From The Boys

Photo on 11-17-16 at 12.55 PM.jpg

Nathan: Now, being an experienced vegan I have some tips to help break yourself into the vegan diet. The best way to break to the vegan diet is to ease of animal products. Don’t repeat what my friend and I did, we were not prepared for the massive change in diet. We didn’t ease off animal products instead on the last couple days of being a full carnivore we gorged ourselves on animal products and had a happy belly. We chose to do this and didn’t think about the consequences of our bodies constantly trying to convince us to go back to our previous diet.

Daniel: From being vegan from the past few days, Nathan and I have come to realize that becoming vegan is a process. You have to slowly ease off of animal product, not just one day decide to not use them anymore. If you decide to be vegan before you do try and make vegan food part of your everyday diet before you become a full time savage(aka,vegan).


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