The Nathan Update:

Photo on 11-21-16 at 12.59 PM.jpgNathan: This is the eighth day of our vegan challenge. This was a slow day today, I got up 7 minutes later and went to bed thirty minutes later than I usually do. This has made me extra tired than usual. I think this vegan diet has made me very sensitive to the amount of sleep I need. If I get too much or too little I get a minor headache. When this diet began I got sick, I think this has been due to the vegan diet. I believe this diet has weakened my immune system and increased the time it takes for stuff to heal. I think this way because last weak I accidentally cut my arm, it has taken about a week for it just to scab up! What is my body doing? I need to focus up, for it is the only way for me to  tighten down on this diet and evolve into my final form.


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