The Weekend Update: 11.18.16-11.20.16

Photo on 11-21-16 at 12.19 PM.jpg

Nathan: This weekend sure had its ups and downs. Some of it was full of delicious meals and loving the vegan life. The other part was full of meals that I will now avoid at all costs. I ate a lot of food this weekend but here are the best and the worst meals I had. On Friday I followed my usual daily routine but for dinner I only ate a bag of quinoa. This was a poor choice because as healthy as quinoa is a person can only have so much if they want to stay sane. On Saturday I stuck with my daily routine but for dinner I had vegan nachos. My mom wanted me to finish off all of the extra vegan taco meat so I poured about 2-3 cups of it onto the chips and added some re fried beans. At first the vegan taco meat was bearable and the re fried beans added a bit of a surprise. As the meal went on I started to feel sick in my stomach, this is because I had already eaten one or two servings over the suggested serving size. At this point I had just finished half of the vegan meat. My mind started repeating ‘you gotta push past the food wall’ this is when I realized I had become an extreme vegan. I eventually ate all of it, went downstairs and went to sleep. I would not suggest ever eating this amount of vegan meat because as you eat away at it, it eats away at your soul. On Sunday I woke up and decided to give the soy milk a try. I poured some vegan cereal into a bowl and added some soy milk. To me, the cereal tasted sweet but it was very bearable. As I finished all of the cereal I drank the rest of the soy milk remaining in to bowl. I think I will try to avoid soy milk now. These were just poor decisions I made and I think I will rethink how I build my meals. Nobody said being vegan is easy, but as I further enter this challenge, the easier it gets.

Daniel: Man oh man, this weekend was down right horrible. On Friday I had the same food I usually have and after losing a state playoff game having me crying and mentally unstable


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