Day seven 11.21.16

Photo on 11-22-16 at 12.07 PM.jpgNathan: The Vegan Chile I had last night was delicious, in fact I would rate it over normal Chile. My dad put his heart in soul into that Chile and it was a very pleasant surprise. Today was a tough day because I was constantly being bombarded with bacon, butter, and french toast. I was strong enough to deny all of these and stick to my diet. My goal in this challenge is to prove everyone wrong, everyone who doubted my ability to pull random diets out of nowhere and stick with them for the given time. Today I stuck with my average routine, and I also ate some leftover Chile for dinner. Right now my stomach feels scrumptious. I think my body has almost fully adapted to the vegan change and I am like a proud father right now, proud of my body and the intensity it can take. However I am looking forward to the end of this challenge so I can again vacuum up truck loads of meat and dairy products. We are just under one fourth of the way done and Dan and I are still strong and triumphantly  denying non-vegan food options and constantly criticizing our peers intake of non-vegan products.


Daniel: Today was rather ok. But around 5th period i started to feel really jittery and energetic, I think it was a symptom of not getting enough calories or protein. For breakfast I had oatmeal and a banana. For lunch my lovely teacher gave me a granola bar, because I forgot my lunch at home. Lastly for dinner I had rice, and some veggies. Today I was good, but I was very hungry all day.


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