Day Eight 11.22.16

Nathan: Today was rather difficult, I am sure I am severely dehydrated but that is an easy fix. We had a party in one of our classes and Dan and I were stuck only eating Oreo’s. In fact we were blamed for eating all of them, when in reality we only ate about one third of them. I love the planet and this is one of the reasons I have decided to try being a vegan, I love the earth like it is my kid or something. I say this because I have to take care of it and do my part, but in return it takes care of me. For breakfast I had my usual peanut butter toasts. For lunch I ate a PB&J sandwich, fruit, and a naked juice thing. For dinner I ate some lentils and rice. I love rice because it is animal friendly. I am vegan and I am proud!!

Daniel:  Today was ok, considering I ate more than I usually do. But it was rough when Nathan and I had a class party,and there was a lot of food and we could barely have none of it(only oreos). For breakfast I only had two bananas. For lunch I had three PBJ sandwiches and some water. For dinner I had some rice with noodles and broccoli. Its the eighth day and I am looking forward to the next 22 days!!


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