A Vegan Thanksgiving! 11.24.16

Nathan: Today was crazy. It started at nine o’clock sharp. I woke up went upstairs and was instantly bombarded with chores and my parents telling me, “just give up the vegan thing already it’s Thanksgiving.” Our family decided to set up Christmas decorations on a cold wet day. I decided not to eat anything so I could save my stomach for dinner. I was lifting, hanging, moving, and putting up Christmas decorations on an empty stomach. I was looking forward to dinner because my dad made a couple of vegan options and I was stoked to eat them. My dad made vegan mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and an old dry slab of tofurkey(fake turkey). The mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans were delicious. But the tofurkey proved to be the largest challenge. As I wolfed down the rest of the meal I shifted my gaze to the tofurkey. My mom kept telling me, “I buy it you eat it.” I knew I had to eat the disgusting thing but I had to figure out a strategy so I could limit the time it was in my mouth. I previously had tried a small chunk it was hard to chew fast because of the alien texture and terrible taste it had. I decided to eat as much of it as possible in as short of a time as possible. That was the longest fifteen minutes but most glorious fifteen minutes of my life. Eating that tofurkey slab was the most difficult food I had ever had to eat.

Daniel: I knew from the start of the day that it would be rough. After a night of sleeping like a baby. I awoke to the sound of people getting murdered and women screaming, my little brother was playing GTA in my room at 6:30Am. As you could imagine, this was more lovely than waking up to birds chirping softly in the distance. Since my day started of in such a lovely way I decided to just skip breakfast and lunch, leaving me very hungry by 2pm. Now for dinner I had quinoa, Brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes with vegan gravy. But because I had nothing eat all day I stacked my plate to sky with quinoa and mashed potatoes and ALOT of gravy. Since I didn’t taste any of the gravy, I just guessed that it would be good, but I guessed wrong it tasted like ground up liver with with moldy cheese and animal manure. But I had to finish my plate even though it was covered in thick brown gravy. I finished the plate, than my mother tested my veganism by bringing out pumpkin pie with a huge bowl of whipped cream. But I held up and I ended the night with a stomach for mashed potatoes and quinoa.


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