Day Nine 11.23.16

Nathan: Today started off terribly. I woke up early, went to wrestling and felt as if I were going to pass out because I was so dehydrated. However, I powered through practice and went home and drank a lot of water. After wrestling I ate a lot of food did some chores and played Pokemon for about seven hours. I would say today was a pretty successful day. But I did receive some criticism. A lot of vegans have been challenging Dan and I’s vegan challenge. A lot of claims have been made saying we aren’t true vegans! I am outraged and down right triggered. I love the earth like a baby and am a vegan for all of the right reasons, including the dietary benefits. For breakfast I had peanut butter toast. For lunch I had lentils and rice and a juice. And for dinner I ate a vegan burger. I would say my meal plan is great but my hydration plan is terrible.


Daniel: Today was alright I got up about 8:57Am, which is a good time cause I never get to sleep in. But I got up and sometime in the afternoon, my Friend Nate sent me a snapchat saying that some people were saying that we aren’t true vegans. I was truly hurt, we have put our heart an soul into this challenge now there are people out there trying to kill our save the earth vibe. For breakfast I had some peanut butter toast. I didn’t have anything for lunch, which was a horrible idea I was very hungry all day. For dinner my said “finish all of your vegan leftovers”. So I threw together a crazy concoction of rice, noodles and broccoli after heating this in the microwave I doused it in hot sauce. Making the greatest meal I’ve had since the challenge begun. I will keep trying to create good meals that I like and finish this challenge!!


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