Day 14 11.29.16

Photo on 11-29-16 at 12.39 PM.jpgDaniel: Today started off pretty bad, First I slept past my alarm. Leaving me only time to get dressed, I had my outfit planned out. I had my Shirt, Jacket and socks on my bed, and I dried my pants over night, but some idiot forgot to push the start button. So I was left with a pair of drenched pants and I had no time to go an search my closet for another pair. At this time I was very mad and as I was halfway(running) to my bus stop I realized, I forgot my lunch. When I was driving away on the bus I was in a completely hostile mood, I was salty. The only thing I had all day was some Rice and a large amount of Spinach. Now today wasn’t the hardest, I will take today and learn from it!!

Nathan: Today was a long old day. My hands were ice cold all day and my mind was slowly shutting down. The vegan diet has not stored enough energy to last me all day. I feel like a raunchy guinea pig that is on a hamster wheel. I crave any food mostly lentils and rice, I really want lentils and rice because it is the best vegan food I can think of. Today I ate almost nothing, but thats fine because I am not super hungry right now. This vegan challenge has prevented me from eating thousands of cookies and that makes me sad. I haven’t eaten any candy or real junk food for about 14 days now. What have I turned into. Today I only ate five carrots four apples slices and a banana. I also drank a lot of water.

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