The Weekend Update: 11.25.16-11.28.16

Nathan: This weekend was wild. Dan and I are almost half way through the challenge and we are turning into mega vegans. This weekend was a cold on, my body was freezing I think this is because of the vegan diet. I do not think I am consuming the correct items to reach a beautiful state of homeostasis. Because of this my hands are freezing and my body is cold as well.

This weekend I followed my usual routine with the peanut butter toast for breakfast. For the other two meals I usually ate some vegan soup and strait up bread. I am low on energy and I really don’t want to cook anything because it requires so much work. I am eating all of the good food and leaving the bad food in my kitchen. I need to plan my meals out.

Another thing is my family is drinking all of the Naked juice. This juice is probably one of the greatest vegan drinks I have, I was drinking it slowly so I could have it for a longer amount of time. My family started drinking it! It’s an outrage! They aren’t vegan and they are drinking all of the Naked juice, I am salty. They are drinking the only really tasty thing we have.

This is getting more challenging everyday but I will finish what I started because I am already half way in.


Daniel: Weekends are fun they are probably easier for me, because all I eat is PBJ sandwiches and stale noodles with hot sauce and play tag with my lil brothers and sister:) This whole weekend I was either trying stay warm or go outside cause I was over heating I dont know if these are side effects of the vegan diet or me just being super hot 😉

For Breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday I had PBJ sandwiches for a total of about 6 sandwiches. On Sunday for breakfast and lunch I had PBJ sandwiches for a total of 6 sandwiches and for dinner I had noodles with margarine and hot sauce. which now thinking of I did finish my noodles so ill have to make more.

At this point in my life, I have never craved something more in my life. I want meat, so I just stop thinking about it completely. But writing this I realize how much I want dead animal flesh in my mouth, and have my teeth tear it to shreds.

I walked into this challenge knowing that it was going to be hard, but I will finish as strong as I came in!!!


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