Day 15: 11.29.16

Photo on 11-30-16 at 1.07 PM.jpgNathan: I haven’t eaten a full meal in two days, my body is broke. My muscles are squishy and I am confused. When I stand up I feel light headed for like 20 seconds. In wrestling I felt as if I were going to pass out.

I am craving a terrible Mcdonalds cheeseburger. I want one so bad, the artificial taste is something my body is lacking. I want my body to consume bad food again. I haven’t had chocolate for like two and a half weeks this has really taken a toll on me. I love chocolate especially Nutella. I just want to smother myself with it, I would be happy.

Today I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch I just ate a thing of rice and a banana for dinner. I want to eat more good food, I want unhealthy food but this vegan challenge has restricted my livelihood.


Daniel: I am very tired and very hungry this vegan challenge is not a joke, it will tear you to shreds. I have been lacking calories and protein for at least four days. But I will not forget my lunch again!

I want a Gosh dang donut so bad!!

For Breakfast and lunch I had nothing I completely forgot for the second day this week! But for Dinner I was going to make a lot of noodles with Prego. But my mom said ” you have to finish all of your leftovers. ”  I was triggered all I wanted to do was eat some nasty spaghetti but my mom made me eat nasty leftovers:(


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