Day 16: 11.30.16

Photo on 12-1-16 at 12.46 PM.jpgNathan: I am a salty sailor and I know it. After not eating anything for two days and still not making weight for wrestling I am the saltiest sailor in town. This morning my head was throbbing and I am pretty sure my stomach had shrunk. Thanks to not making weight I was allowed to eat whatever I want again.

I started taking a multivitamin with breakfast to boost my spirits. By lunch today I felt great, my energy levels had returned to normal and I was moving quick. My mind however has still been on the thought of non-vegan food. Dan and I were looking at pizza and donuts all fifth period yesterday. We each were sharing terrific stories of the good ol’ days where we munched on pizza and chocolate whenever we felt like we wanted too. I found a cadbury’s milk chocolate in my pantry. My family never buys those, but they did right when I became a vegan. They are trying to break me.

This morning I ate two peanut butter toasts, my normal PB&J sandwich with a naked juice and for dinner I ate a vegan burger and some bread. Today went from terrible to great. Vegan for 30 days! 🙂


Daniel: The last few days Ive been very forgetful, I have forgot my lunch two days in a row. Ive never been more sleep deprived in my life from homework, so after football workouts I have a short fuse, leading to me getting in trouble from my mom with my “attitude”.

For breakfast and lunch I didn’t have anything. For dinner I had some potatoes and spinach. I am feeling good about the challenge, knowing that we are half way through.

But Nathan and I were looking at food on the web and I am missing the old world and my old food, but I am liking my new clean, animal free life. We are half way through this dark tunnel we are beginning to see light in the distance and we are running, trust me we won’t trip:)


One thought on “Day 16: 11.30.16

  1. I salute you 2 in your 30 day odyssey!

    What would you like for dinner the day you finish?

    How about some mushrooms and brusselsprouts!



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