Day 17 12.2.16

Photo on 12-2-16 at 12.52 PM.jpgNathan: Today was a drag. My body was slow and so was my mind. I felt terrible most of the day. But at least I was hydrated. I have been thinking about eating food such as pizza, donuts, and chocolate. I really want pizza, usually I eat pizza abut once or twice a week. My body is expecting it but it is not receiving it.

I was pretty close to breaking today because I opened my fridge and I saw a cup of Chobani yogurt. I love Chobani yogurt so much. The fruit and yogurt mixes together perfectly to caress my tongue. I also miss Gogurts. Usually when I want to have a Gogurt I eat 5 or 6 of them but now I have to resist it. What have I become?

Today I followed my usual breakfast with my usual lunch. But dinner was terrible. I didn’t know what to make because all of my family was gone. So I heated up some plain rice, a vegan burger, and some really old tater tots. These tater tots were the worst things ever, they tasted like dirt. But I pushed on and ate them all. Also I am sick of vegan burgers, they have carrots or something in them that gives them crunch. I do not like it.

Vegan for life!

Daniel: Today was ok. My whole body is sore so is my mind the past few days the only thing I’ve been doing is either workout or doing homework. Every night this I’ve been staying up till 12am doing homework, telling myself if I dont finish my homework im going to be a failure a no job loser when I get older, so I finish it.

Right now I really want a hot dog and and whole Costco pizza with some ice-cream. My stomach and mouth are screaming for the taste of Pizza, the gooey cheese the greasy pepperoni.

Today I had a basic breakfast a big yellow fascinating banana. For lunch I had a vegan teriyaki burger it was actually really good. For dinner I had a large quantity of rice and went to sleep(:


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