Day 22 12.5.16

Photo on 12-6-16 at 12.53 PM.jpgNathan: Today was good I ate a lot of food and was warm. I followed my daily routine except I switched from crunchy peanut butter to creamy peanut butter. The change between peanut butters was a weird one. I can’t believe the taste difference between the two even though they are the exact same.

I also had a great lunch, I love PBJs. For dinner I ate the same super spicy indian food. I love the indian food it tastes so good, I would eat it everyday of my life if I could. My dad bought tofurkey sausages, I am so sad because I really dislike tofurkey and never want to repeat the thanksgiving events of the horrible tofurkey.

I think I will chop up the sausage and mix it with some potatoes, that would be a very delicious meal. I am excited to try cooking new stuff.


Daniel: Today was ok. But as soon as I walked out my front door I realized it was full on snowing outside and my little cotton sweater had no chance of surviving against the hardcore wind and slushy snow. I would have gone and grabbed a coat but I locked myself out and it was 6:30Am and I didn’t want to wake up my whole family, so I was soaked when  I reached the bus. Other than that today was Gucci Mane.

Today for breakfast I had a delicious smoothie that had 3 Bananas, a lot of chocolate soy milk, and a lot of peanut butter. For lunch I had a teriyaki veggie burger and some fries and it was surprisingly delicious. For Dinner I made vegan spaghetti and I learned from last time and this time it was very scrumptious.

This challenge has taught me a lot including cooking, I have never really been able to cook. I was very surprised when I tasted my spaghetti and it gave me a boost of confidence to finish this challenge!! I am already dreaming about my first meal not vegan, but I will stay strong till the 14 of December!!


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