Day 23 12.6.16

Photo on 12-7-16 at 12.38 PM.jpgDaniel: Today was good! I woke up and was dedicated to the day. I was going to do my best in every class and work my hardest in after school workouts for Football. But at the end of the school day I was very tired from the night before staying up till 12Am. After working out for 2 hours, I was mentally prepared for the 5 mile run home. But as soon as I walk out of the doors of the school I come to realize it wouldn’t be a joy run. It was below freezing and I had a cut up muscle shirt on and the backpack I had on was already feeling heavy. But I finished the run with no feeling in my hands or feet, but I felt good knowing I’ve worked my body to failure.

For Breakfast I had a large quantity of oatmeal. For lunch I had another teriyaki veggie burger they always seem to satisfy me. After my 5 mile journey I walk in the front doors of my house grabbed 2 bananas, peanut butter and some almond milk. I put both bananas in a pitcher and the whole jar of peanut butter with some almond milk and I blended it together, and right after it was blended I chugged it in 30 seconds, leaving my grandma looking at me like I was a fierce wolf tearing apart a dead moose. After I was done chugging, I ate some oatmeal. Than I went to bed satisfied with the day.

We only have about a week left of this challenge!!

Nathan: Today was a long cold day. Walking outside I was slapped by shear cold and I wanted to just curl up in a ball and play Pokemon Moon. I had started going on runs right before I go to bed but tonight I couldn’t because my body felt like an old lamp.

This morning was a hard one because I got up ten minutes late, short shower, and my breakfast wasn’t very filling. I want to eat more food but I am trying to maintain a light weight for wrestling.

I have found a new love in this challenge, bananas. They are delicious and our family usually buys lots of them so I can eat three or four a night. I love bananas, they are so delicious.

For lunch I had a couple of fruit slices and for dinner I ate some more rice. For some reason my dad was calling it ‘dirty rice’. This triggered me because I was worried it was rice from off of the ground, but really it was a cooking phrase used to say it was rice mixed with other stuff. The rice was delicious. I also ate a salad, but salads aren’t as good without dressings such as ranch.

This challenge is coming to a close, and I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity.


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