Day 24 11.7.16

Photo on 12-8-16 at 12.44 PM.jpgNathan: Today was a rough day. I want to switch up my meal plan because I am sick of eating nothing but peanut butter on toast. I am kinda sick of it. I don’t know what to change though. A lot of my options have been destroyed because of my veganism.

This challenge has turned into more of a disease rather than a challenge. It is sucking the good food out of my life and forcing me to eat nothing but healthy food. I ate all of our bananas in about two days because they are so good. They are honestly some of the only good food I can eat.

For dinner I had some vegan soup, bread, and a pack of crackers. I love crackers so much because they are light and filling. I would eat all of the ritz, but I want to save them so I can eat them over the next week.

Our challenge is almost over and my body is fed up with this challenge,

Daniel: Today was ok. I am ready for a Costco piece of pizza touching my tongue. But I will wait patiently. I have come to realize that smoothie are a good source of food intake, cause its all compact.

For breakfast I had a lot of Oatmeal and was satisfied. For lunch I had two PBJ sandwiches and water. For Dinner I had some noodle with margarine and broccoli in it and it was surprisingly delicious.

My family and I made some delicious tofu Donuts which were super goo!! I will keep trying to make good vegan food till the end!!


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