Day 25 12.8.16

Photo on 12-9-16 at 1.03 PM.jpg

Nathan: Veganism is a way of life. This past 25 days have been a blessing and I am glad I took the opportunity to be a vegan.

We are five sixths of the way done and we are still strong. Today was a weird day because the school was freaking out about the possible snow storm. This snow storm was lame and it was fine.

Being vegan I don’t think I have been eating enough calories to stay warm. I am very cold and I don’t warm up easily but my mom got a space heater for my room. Now my room is constantly 80 degrees and I am more than happy.

I followed my usual routine with the peanut butter  but then for dinner I ate about 20 peanut butter crackers. They were very filling and delicious I will eat crackers everyday because they are the greatest thing I have ever eaten.


Daniel: Being vegan is very hard. But I have learned very much from this experience and will cherish for years to come, one day I will tell my brothers children my stories of the Vegan challenge.These are great memories!!

We are very close to the end, and I have mixed emotions about it.  I can’t wait till I dig my teeth into a nice sandwich, but I love being vegan I love the vegan experience.

For Breakfast I ate some fruit. For lunch I had a teriyaki Burger and some fries. For Dinner, I just had a peanut butter protein milkshake an it was delicious.


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