The Weekend Update: 12.9.16-12.11.16

Photo on 11-21-16 at 12.19 PM.jpgNathan: This weekend was a long and hard one. Friday I was constantly bombarded with sadness. Our history class had the highest percentage on the quizzes so our teacher brought in donuts to congratulate us, I had to turn down my teacher. I felt like a jerk because my teacher spent her money on the donuts and I had to turn her down.

Saturday was a very long day. Our wrestling team had another tournament, our team took first in the tournament. I think this diet has ruined my wrestling, I have been training hard in practice but I feel tired all the same. I am excited to get back on the quality meat diet.

After our team took first in the tournament our team went out for burgers again. On the menu there was burger that claimed it was vegan I ordered it without thinking. My vegan friend then asked if it was vegan and after the worker explained it wasn’t vegan I was down. Once my order came out I gave away my burger away and ate a bunch of fries.

Sunday was just plain lame. I got up and did homework all day. I ate nothing worth talking about because I wasn’t hungry most of the time. Sunday was a lame day and I am glad it is over.


Daniel: This weekend was hard. On Friday it was my birthday and that sucked I literally did nothing but go home and eat dinner and go to sleep. On Saturday day we spent literally the whole day in the car and they decided to put the largest person in the back(me) and my knees felt like rubber bands when I finally got out.

Saturday my family decided to go out to eat in the morning for breakfast and all I could eat was french fries. For lunch my family decided to eat at Costco leaving me with the caesar salad, with chicken and cheese that I had to pick out individually, and eat green leaf for lunch.

On Sunday, I had nothing but some vegan burgers that were surprisingly super good and I wanted to eat the whole package of them. But Then my rat siblings came out of no where and started eating them, I was outraged I was about to slaughter somebody. But then I come to realize I only have three days left of the vegan challenge.

over this month I have become very protective over my food since there are only a few good vegan foods. So if you viewers ever become vegan, kill anyone and anything that gets near your food:)


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