Day 29: 12.12.16

Photo on 11-30-16 at 1.07 PM.jpgNathan: Oh man what a day it was. I felt completely terrible after wrestling and I finally figured out why. I was looking over my weekend refuel diet and I realised how awful it was. Saturday night I only had a bag of fries, Sunday I didn’t eat any real food. I just ate stuff like fruit roll ups.

I am glad I figured out what I was doing wrong because I feel awful because I haven’t been properly nourishing my body. As my teammates grow stronger, I am growing weaker because my diet has been complete poo.

Today I followed my usual routine of peanut butter for breakfast and a PBJ for lunch with a Naked juice. For dinner I ate a whole bag of edamame, salad, cliff bar, a Naked juice, and some vegetable roles. This was a high protein dinner and my body felt great after eating dinner.

Our challenge is almost over, and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to try out being vegan. I do not think I will continue to be vegan at the end of this. I choose to become an omnivore again because I miss food such as yogurt, mac and cheese, and milk. Being a vegan can be very bland because a lot of the great flavors of the world come from animal products.

I am excited to reintroduce flavor into my life!

Daniel: Im feeling great, I have been eating good for the past few days and I wish this would have happened earlier in the challenge because in the earlier days I wasn’t eating to well!!

I am soooooo happy the challenge is almost over, im going to eat a cow on Wednesday and destroy some cheese. I have been anticipating wednesday for so long and it crazy its almost here.

Today i Didn’t have anything for breakfast. For lunch I had a Veggie burger. I didn’t have anything for dinner since Ive been eating so much.

Its near the end, its been a long ride my boi’s!!!!

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