Day 30! 12.13.16 The Last Day!!

Photo on 11-18-16 at 12.41 PM.jpgNathan: I am so excited for tomorrow. This vegan diet has restricted me too much and I just wan’t to start eating food like cheese sticks, yogurt, and Nutella. I love eating this food and I am sick of being vegan.

The past two days I have been eating edamame for dinner. This food is great because by the morning all the weight I had gained the night before is gone. Edamame is also a really good food, I think I will continue to eat this the rest of the week.

My dad had bought a lot of vegan food. It is annoying because last week he had bought more tofurkey, and I  really don’t want to eat it. I am so sick of vegan meat and even tomorrow when I am not vegan I will have to eat more vegan food.

This vegan challenge was tough, being a vegan is extra tiring and I am tired of it. I don’t think I will ever become vegan again because it is not something I want to continue. I understand why people are vegan but I do not ever want to be vegan again.

Daniel: I am so F#!king excited for tomorrow I have become a vegan Animal that a month ago Id make fun of myself, searching aisles at the store for vegan pizza, for veggie beef. Over this past thirty days this challenge has stole a part of my soul and Im excited to obtain that part of my soul again tomorrow.

The past few days I have been not eating too much. But for dinner I had some salad that was horrible that tasted like mustard.

Tonight was the football banquet and it had a lot of different deserts and I knew I had to finish strong so I didn’t eat anything, but I did take 5 donuts and 5 Churros.

I put them right next to my bed and I waited with the smell driving me mentally crazy. Then it finally happened, the time struck 12Am and I went crazy on those dang donuts. After I finished the  donuts I ate 8 beef sticks and 5 Pack of Reeses, And for the first time in awhile I went to sleep feeling my soul fulfilled.

This vegan challenge was very rough and Im excited for it to be over!!



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