The Weekend Update: 12.2.16-12.4.16

Nathan: This weekend was an awful one. On Friday I had to go to bed at 8:30 because of a super early wrestling tournament. So I ate some edamame spaghetti which is loaded with protein but tastes like old rocks. No matter how much tomato sauce I put on the spaghetti it would not muffle the taste. After powering through this meal I went to bed and got up at four o’clock the next morning.

Saturday was an extremely long day. I got up at 4:00 A.M and got back home at around 10:30 P.M. After a long day of wrestling our team went out to five guys for burgers. Sadly I was vegan, so I just ordered a veggie sandwich and a regular set of fries. The fries are terribly salty and so was I.

Sunday was a nice day, I got up ate a lot of mincemeat pies. These are vegan pastries. I ate about 40 of them. I then ate some really spicy indian food and then went to bed. This was a successful day.

Daniel: This weekend I ate barely nothing, I have been sleep deprived and food deprived. Its been hard not to eat vanilla pudding, my mom put it in the fridge exactly 2 days ago that nobody has literally even laid a finger on. I will be extremely mad if someone eats it before my vegan experience is over.

Saturday I think the only thing I had the whole day was some dry malt-o-meal.

On Sunday I had a two veggie burgers that were gross. But my mom was looking at me with a disappointed look saying in her head “I buy it you eat it”.

Day 17 12.2.16

Photo on 12-2-16 at 12.52 PM.jpgNathan: Today was a drag. My body was slow and so was my mind. I felt terrible most of the day. But at least I was hydrated. I have been thinking about eating food such as pizza, donuts, and chocolate. I really want pizza, usually I eat pizza abut once or twice a week. My body is expecting it but it is not receiving it.

I was pretty close to breaking today because I opened my fridge and I saw a cup of Chobani yogurt. I love Chobani yogurt so much. The fruit and yogurt mixes together perfectly to caress my tongue. I also miss Gogurts. Usually when I want to have a Gogurt I eat 5 or 6 of them but now I have to resist it. What have I become?

Today I followed my usual breakfast with my usual lunch. But dinner was terrible. I didn’t know what to make because all of my family was gone. So I heated up some plain rice, a vegan burger, and some really old tater tots. These tater tots were the worst things ever, they tasted like dirt. But I pushed on and ate them all. Also I am sick of vegan burgers, they have carrots or something in them that gives them crunch. I do not like it.

Vegan for life!

Daniel: Today was ok. My whole body is sore so is my mind the past few days the only thing I’ve been doing is either workout or doing homework. Every night this I’ve been staying up till 12am doing homework, telling myself if I dont finish my homework im going to be a failure a no job loser when I get older, so I finish it.

Right now I really want a hot dog and and whole Costco pizza with some ice-cream. My stomach and mouth are screaming for the taste of Pizza, the gooey cheese the greasy pepperoni.

Today I had a basic breakfast a big yellow fascinating banana. For lunch I had a vegan teriyaki burger it was actually really good. For dinner I had a large quantity of rice and went to sleep(:

Tips From The Boys

Veganism isn’t easy! Also being a vegan isn’t just a diet, it is a lifestyle. I am a true vegan I have called non-vegans out for eating meat and my adrenaline was flowing all over as I criticized a meat eater consuming animal products. What carnage!

As I said being vegan isn’t easy, as you receive hate from carnivores, you need to ignore that and think about what really matters, the earth! Hate should be expected as a vegan, many don’t understand the reason behind being vegan. Everyone should eventually be vegan to get back to our roots in nature!

This challenge makes us realize how much we take meat for granted and how everyone else does too. Its so funny people dont realize animals are beings, and we see people in the lunch room just throw some hamburger across the lunch cause its funny. Well its not funny animals are being killed to feed us.

Day 16: 11.30.16

Photo on 12-1-16 at 12.46 PM.jpgNathan: I am a salty sailor and I know it. After not eating anything for two days and still not making weight for wrestling I am the saltiest sailor in town. This morning my head was throbbing and I am pretty sure my stomach had shrunk. Thanks to not making weight I was allowed to eat whatever I want again.

I started taking a multivitamin with breakfast to boost my spirits. By lunch today I felt great, my energy levels had returned to normal and I was moving quick. My mind however has still been on the thought of non-vegan food. Dan and I were looking at pizza and donuts all fifth period yesterday. We each were sharing terrific stories of the good ol’ days where we munched on pizza and chocolate whenever we felt like we wanted too. I found a cadbury’s milk chocolate in my pantry. My family never buys those, but they did right when I became a vegan. They are trying to break me.

This morning I ate two peanut butter toasts, my normal PB&J sandwich with a naked juice and for dinner I ate a vegan burger and some bread. Today went from terrible to great. Vegan for 30 days! 🙂


Daniel: The last few days Ive been very forgetful, I have forgot my lunch two days in a row. Ive never been more sleep deprived in my life from homework, so after football workouts I have a short fuse, leading to me getting in trouble from my mom with my “attitude”.

For breakfast and lunch I didn’t have anything. For dinner I had some potatoes and spinach. I am feeling good about the challenge, knowing that we are half way through.

But Nathan and I were looking at food on the web and I am missing the old world and my old food, but I am liking my new clean, animal free life. We are half way through this dark tunnel we are beginning to see light in the distance and we are running, trust me we won’t trip:)

Day 15: 11.29.16

Photo on 11-30-16 at 1.07 PM.jpgNathan: I haven’t eaten a full meal in two days, my body is broke. My muscles are squishy and I am confused. When I stand up I feel light headed for like 20 seconds. In wrestling I felt as if I were going to pass out.

I am craving a terrible Mcdonalds cheeseburger. I want one so bad, the artificial taste is something my body is lacking. I want my body to consume bad food again. I haven’t had chocolate for like two and a half weeks this has really taken a toll on me. I love chocolate especially Nutella. I just want to smother myself with it, I would be happy.

Today I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch I just ate a thing of rice and a banana for dinner. I want to eat more good food, I want unhealthy food but this vegan challenge has restricted my livelihood.


Daniel: I am very tired and very hungry this vegan challenge is not a joke, it will tear you to shreds. I have been lacking calories and protein for at least four days. But I will not forget my lunch again!

I want a Gosh dang donut so bad!!

For Breakfast and lunch I had nothing I completely forgot for the second day this week! But for Dinner I was going to make a lot of noodles with Prego. But my mom said ” you have to finish all of your leftovers. ”  I was triggered all I wanted to do was eat some nasty spaghetti but my mom made me eat nasty leftovers:(


Dan Update

Photo on 11-29-16 at 12.43 PM.jpgSo this challenge has definitely got me shook. I have never craved something more in my life then meat right now, Its really tearing me apart mentally and physically. I have lost 6 pounds since the start of this challenge. This challenge is really setting me back from my weight goal 190 for the football season. But this will only make me try harder to eat A LOT more vegan food!!

Day 14 11.29.16

Photo on 11-29-16 at 12.39 PM.jpgDaniel: Today started off pretty bad, First I slept past my alarm. Leaving me only time to get dressed, I had my outfit planned out. I had my Shirt, Jacket and socks on my bed, and I dried my pants over night, but some idiot forgot to push the start button. So I was left with a pair of drenched pants and I had no time to go an search my closet for another pair. At this time I was very mad and as I was halfway(running) to my bus stop I realized, I forgot my lunch. When I was driving away on the bus I was in a completely hostile mood, I was salty. The only thing I had all day was some Rice and a large amount of Spinach. Now today wasn’t the hardest, I will take today and learn from it!!

Nathan: Today was a long old day. My hands were ice cold all day and my mind was slowly shutting down. The vegan diet has not stored enough energy to last me all day. I feel like a raunchy guinea pig that is on a hamster wheel. I crave any food mostly lentils and rice, I really want lentils and rice because it is the best vegan food I can think of. Today I ate almost nothing, but thats fine because I am not super hungry right now. This vegan challenge has prevented me from eating thousands of cookies and that makes me sad. I haven’t eaten any candy or real junk food for about 14 days now. What have I turned into. Today I only ate five carrots four apples slices and a banana. I also drank a lot of water.